Corporate exhibition at Odense Renovation

Nov-Dec 2019

Actual exhibitions Spring-Sommer 2019

May 31st - Okt 28th - Artmoney exhibition on "Art Collection", Bornholm

April-September - "Galleri Kunstboxen", Mariager

April-Jun - "Galleri Tornby", Hirtshals

Apri 19th-21st-  Artmoney exhibition on CPH ArtSpace, Copenhagen 



Exhibition in North Jutland OKT - NOV 2018

The last sale weekend in September

 I offer a very atractive prices now, in September, due to I am moving my studio to another place.

You are wellcome to the last Sales Weekend - September 29th and 30th, at 11:00-14:00 both days.


Wellcome to my studio, which is situated in the middle of the Odense city -

here can you see live the newest paintings and the creating process.

I inform open hours, as well as share all my new art pieces and exhibition news on my official Facebook page:



I am happy to start co-operation with the biggest Art Center/ Gallery in Denmark - Midtjyllands Kunstcenter/ Galleri Habsø, which was titled as "Gazellevirksomhed" 4 times during the last 8 years.

Over 20 of my paintings was choosen to start with at Easter exhibition 2018. 
Exhibition opened all Easter days from March 29th to April 2nd, 10:00 - 18:00.

CPH ART SPACE exhibition - 30.03. - 01.04./ 2018, Copenhagen

The whole naive Artmoney collection in one piece   In the honor of  chubby woman - feminin and beautiful! 

With this collection I am participating in exhibition CPH Art Space.

Artmoney artist from today - 16. JAN'2018

I have decided to join the Artmoney artists group❤️
Do you know what Artmoney is? This is truelly a brilliant concept!
Please read more and see my Artmoney under menu tab "Artmoney"

It was the really nice and well-visited exhibition opening in Mal Ravn Art Gallery and we have already a good plan for cooperation in the future with start in 2018. 


I wish you all a really nice December - time of preparing and expectations of magic to be happened heart

The magical Christmas season and it's cozy winter events are on the way, such as a small international art exhibition in MalRavn Art Gallery "Life is a Fairy Tail", were I participate with my paintings 

Are you inlove?

Are you inlove in one of my painting, but it's already solgt?

Are you looking for an original and unique preasent?  Look in rubric "Art Prints"!


Furthemore I am happy to represent  some new paintings of Charlie Chaplin - enjoy!

I do inded :)


Good autumn!

Are you still in summer mood? I am for sure! This why...

... you can win one of these t-shirts. It's absolutely free to participate and a good chance to win.
Please, see details and participate her, on my Facebook page:


Click her:  Win a t-shirt!