Dear Visitor, for this page I have selected some of my paintings from different collections, which represent me as an artist, who likes experiments and uses variety of techniques – from classical school to the modern knowhows, and who is happy to combine them to create different expressions.

These you can for sure see on paintings, inspired by old movies with Charlie Chaplin, by child hood memories and sensual paintings as well.

 Every painting is my whole life: all my experiences, all my knowledge and all my feelings. My inspiration comes from the movements and patterns I see in human relationships and in nature. When I get in touch with other people creative energy, transmitted through music, literature and all kinds of visual art.



I was born in 1978 in the Far Eastern part of Russia, near the Chinese border. My parents come from Ukraine My father was an officer in the Soviet army, therefor we often moved and I grew up far from the rest of the family In Ukraine. The interest in painting began already in my childhood, for a few years I went to arts school. Just before the Soviet Union collapsed, my family moved to Lviv, Ukraine, which is Ukraine's cultural capital with many artistic environments and educational institutions. Here I was educated as industrial designer / technician and worked many years in textile industry, both in Denmark and Ukraine. Additionally, I took many private art classes from both Danish, Ukrainian and Russian artists.


With pleasure I present some of my paintings for you and hope they find reflection in your hearts, so it can sense what I want to convey through them.