Gurskaja Art

Dronningensgade 6c, 5000 Odense, Denmark

My paintings exude sensuality and erotica, which is creative energy for me

Your girl? 60x70cm

Havfrue 3, 30x90 cm, SOLD

She is a mermaid, 30x90 cm

Time to go, 70x90 cm, SOLD

Du ved..., 90x120

Minder om, 90x120, SOLD

Følges til, 90x120, SOLD

A new woman, 90x120

It's time, 100x120

Det ved jeg, 100x120

Both and one, 100x120, SOLD

Time to know, 70x90, SOLGT

Sometimes, 70x90, SOLD

5 cm/sec, 60x80

No words, 70x90, SOLGT

Valmuer minder om dig, 40x50, SOLGT